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  Air Filter - Regulator
  Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
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Easy maintenance
Simple SPAN and ZERO adjustements
NAMUR mounting
Simple structure for feedback connection
Simple conversion to direct acting and reverse acting
Model EPR(Rotary type) EPL(Linear type)
Enclosure Exmd C(H2) T6, IP66, Exia BT6
Fluids Air
Input Signal 4 ~20mA DC
Split range Application 4~12 or 12~20mA
Voltage Supply Min./Max. 8Vdc / 30Vdc
Linearity < 1.0%
Hysteresis < 0.5%
Sensitivity < 0.5 %
Operating Temperature -20~80
Air Piping Connection 1/4" PT
Conduit Connection 1/2" PF