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Water distribution pipes
Allows a large flow capacity
High accuracy flow characteristics
High steam equipments control
4-20mA DC In-put. PID control
Valve Size 15A ~ 100A
Actuator Type Diaphragm
Actuator Action Direct action (Air to close), *Reverse action (Air to open)
Operating Media Compressed dry air
In-Put Signal 4 ~ 20mA DC
Operating Press 2.8kg/
Spring Range 0.8 ~ 2.4kg/
Fluid Temp -17 ~ 230, (-195 ~ 566)
Connection JIS 10K RF, *20K, 40K, ANSI 150# RF, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
Body Material SCPH2, *SCPH21, *SCPL1, *SCS13A, *SCS14A, *SCS16A
Leakage allowance Standard : ANSI Class (0.5%), Optional : 0.1%, Soft seat : ANSI Class V1
Option Soft Touch, Bellow Seal, Fin Bonnet, Mult step cage, Hand wheel top, Extension
Accessory Solenoid Valve, Air filter Regulator, E/P Positioner
() Option